Senior dating sites for the more mature single

April 20, 2010

The over fifties are the fastest growing demographic signing up for online dating websites in South Africa. And why not?

With more and more older people going online, dating sites for mature members are a great place for single people to find romance or just friendship. Many senior dating sites are designed to make the whole online dating experience easy, often publishing step by step user guides/videos and tutorials of features such as writing your profile and approaching other members. Online dating seems to be the perfect option for mature singles looking for a partner or simply friendship. With people living longer, why spend your later years alone?


Adult dating explosion

August 7, 2009

South Africa’s largest adult dating site is reporting a massive increase in free sign ups and paid memberships on their adult dating network. Membership rates are up ove 40% over this time last year.

We have also seen a huge spike in new dating sites catering for South Africans over the last 12 months making online dating a highly competitive market in SA but the establised sites like are still growing strongly with thousands every week turning to online dating to spice up their sex life.

Sex dating sites like are rapidly becoming South Africa’s dating sites of choice with senior dating sites also becoming very popular amongst South Africans more mature singles. Traditional dating sites however, are still showing steady growth as South African singles increasingly turn to them as a more socially acceptable form of matchmaking with more people than ever claiming to have either used one or said they would consider online dating as a way of finding a partner. We believe the growth of adult dating sites is an indication of todays modern busy lifestyles with more people turning to such sites looking for casual dating without the commitment of a serious relationship.

Online dating sites in South Africa

August 7, 2009

Online dating has seen an explosion of new members over the last year from South Africa.  why has it taken so long for Africans to come to accept online dating as a realistic option for meeting a parter online?

There are many theories but the most popular is trust. South African’s, women especially seem to be less likely to want to use the internet as a means of finding a parter.  There have also been issues with internet speeds in most areas across the country with high speed broadband only just reaching some parts over the last year or so.

South Africans are now adopting online dating as a serious way of finding love or sexual parter online with over a 200% increase in online dating site sign ups over the last 12 months.